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What is Exercise Physiology???

Exercise Physiology is the study of how the body responds to exercise immediately and the adaptations that occur in the long term,  including metabolic changes, neuromuscular function and biomechanical movement patterns.

Exercise Physiologists (EP's) in Australia are University qualified allied health professionals specialising in exercise prescription and lifestyle modification to manage and prevent a range of chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain and injury rehabilitation. EPs may also provide expertise to athletes and sports teams to assist in improving athletic performance and physiological development through the application of evidence-based sports science.

When consulting an EP a specific assessment will be conducted to identify the individual’s medical history and current condition along with discussion around health and fitness goals. This allows the EP to get to know the client and recommend appropriate exercise programs and advice. The role of the EP is to support, motivate and guide the client throughout the intervention and promote confidence and self-management.

The role of the EP is ever increasing in today’s current society with physical inactivity one of the major causes of death and disease across the world. Exercise is one of the cheapest ‘medicines’ available to help combat the rise of chronic disease and obesity brought about by poor lifestyle choices over recent generations. We need to raise awareness of the role regular physical activity can play in maintaining health and well-being for all populations. Regular exercise should be a part of everyone's daily life and should be one of the first strategies implemented by all health care professionals when considering management plans for common lifestyle diseases. Health care professionals need to work together to prevent the rise of obesity and chronic disease that is leading to poor quality of life, extreme health care costs and increased rates of disease in children and adolescents.

Specialist advice around the type, duration and intensity of exercise that is suitable to you is essential in maintaining optimal health and fitness over a lifetime. If you are currently inactive, have specific goals you would like to achieve, or are managing one or more health conditions an EP can provide specific recommendations for exercise and physical activity along with behavioural advice to achieve optimal results.

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