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A+ Athlete Profile- Will Brown

Name: Will Brown

Age: 16

Sport: Triathlon

What got you into the sport? 

I started triathlon about 4 years ago. My mum and dad always would do the Mooloolaba triathlon in a team so I started to do the cool kids races but then when my family moved to the Gold Coast I was able to join a club and really get into it.

Upcoming events? 

I have just completed State Cross Country in July. I am then planning to do the Nissan and Gatorade triathlon series this season and Athletics where I will do the 3000m & 1500m.

As a junior triathlete what are your goals going forward?

I would like to make a State triathlon team and hope to do some ITU racing when I am older.

What does your usual training schedule consist of?

I am typically doing 10-14 sessions per week depending on races or intensity of those sessions. This includes swim and run squads and some coached cycling sessions. I have also started to focus on some strength training over the past 2 years. All these sessions have to be scheduled around school and part- time work.

Favourite Training Session? 


Do you have any experience with strength training? 

I have only recently started regular strength training. I currently do 1 strength session per week but I am starting to add in a second session at the gym to further improve my strength. I am also completing Certificate 3 in Fitness at school which is helping a lot with my knowledge of strength training.


What are some of the benefits you are noticing? 

I have noticed that I am overall physically stronger and I can especially notice this in my swimming stroke e.g. pull and I feel I am now stronger on the bike.

How does strength training fit into your training schedule? 

It fits in well with my training as I have found a way to schedule my strength work around other training sessions. I believe it is just as important as all other sessions.

Favourite strength exercise, why? 

Probably the squats with the hex bar as it has helped me to gain a lot of strength and is very good for showing how much progress is been made. I have noticed how this has made me stronger in other training sessions.

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