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Athlete Profile- Lindsey Lawry

NAME: Lindsey Lawry

AGE: 22

SPORT: Triathlon

Following his debut pro race at Geelong 70.3, I had a few questions for Lindsey to get his perspective on why strength training is an important part of his triathlon training. With a 6-minute PB run split at Geelong, his training and racing is heading in the right direction… stay tuned for some great results in the near future.

With a background in surf lifesaving the endurance base is evident but Lindsey had minimal experience with strength training. Since commencing strength training a few months ago, and never missing a session, he is now seeing some real benefits of a structured program.

What got you into triathlon?

I have always liked swimming and running and competed in surf lifesaving as a kid and I also followed cycling growing up. The idea of becoming a triathlete was always in the back of my mind but I never acted on it. It wasn’t until a friend convinced me to come for a spin with him on a spare bike that I was hooked!

Favourite discipline?

I don’t really have one, I enjoy them all.

How does strength training fit into your triathlon training?

It actually fits very well. I complete 2 sessions per week in the gym and it doesn’t fatigue me at all for the next day. I find that it allows my body to switch on for other sessions and acts as a restart for my body.

What do you feel are the major benefits of strength training?

I definitely feel more flexible and stronger through my hips and lower back. I feel that it helps to activate and strengthen the different muscles that are required for my triathlon training. I also find that when I’m running off the bike I can hold form a lot better and don’t seem to fatigue as easily during longer runs.

Favourite strength exercise? Why?

The RDL. I have never done it before and really feel that it helps with the flexibility in my hamstrings and strengthens them at the same time.


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